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food for me food for you!

Let me take a moment of my time and talk about. "You are what you eat!"
Let me tell you how many times I have heard that phrase.

I was on the internet and was feeling really bored, so I decided to go searching through web pages of restaurants that I love! I also, saved money by doing this because some of the sites have survey's and they send you coupons and free items. Today I got a free side dish at KFC.

Also, instead of spending my time on Sunday and Thrursday mornings, I can go to and print off free coupons. wow! I knew allready about that other sponsored site! Really! I was amazed. I saw the ad on that tropicana commercial I didnt even know that they had thier own coupons. Also, I get 5 cans of raviolios, Lacey's favorite for 1 buck! wow.!

I was looking around and I saw a site for White Castle. I have heard a lot about this fast food place, and went to the site. I read the history of it and how they used to sell burgers for 10/1.00 i couldnt belive it but that was back in they day.

I felt pretty excited when I heard that a Krispy Kreme was coming to Kennewick, Washington next year but then I tasted one and I prefer the spudnut shop in Richland. In Richland thee is this family owned supnut shop where they make food and specialize in donu making with potato flour. who would ever know that potato flour to use to make donuts. Anywayze, its abig hit and every morning starting really early there is a big line half way down the sidewalk. I like to go in sit down and get a maple glazed donut witha cheesburger and fries. plus they have the best cheeseburgers in tri-cities washington.

Did i ever say that I cok in my mind?> I read food article and magazines and get great ideas and make up recipes as I read. My grandma owns short film strip from a black and white betty crocker showing how to make a bundt cake. I think I have watched it about 5 or 6 times i laugh every time they say another word used for margarine.

I rememebr sitting with my grandma and watching Julia Childs. I used to hate it now i miss that my grandma isnt here so we can watch it together.
Julia Childs was fun to watch her cook because he accent and the way she smashed things.

Now there are programs all over the broadcast how to cook. I think back to times with grandma and her teaching me how to cook.

I had a few friends over for a dinner and they whee all like, thanx mom. I laughed pretty hard because I am a good cook 9 better than my mom ) and , i sew, and i know how to get stains out of cloathes and clean! wow! all in one introducing lacey she comes with everything the modern house wife needs to operate a family . lol just kidding.

Today for dinner ( i cook dinner 5 times a week. including three breakfasts.), i made a turkey pot pie, actually two but i froze one. The first crust had too much crisco in it because of it didnt get browner than the second, and i added tin foil to the one and left the first one in but it didnt make a difference. tomorrow im making another mud pie for a lady whos son went into the military.

eat eat eat eat eat eat yum yum yum yum.... home cooked meals... lol
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My mom told me this morning that she was happy that I kept this family together through thick and thin. I told her that in two years i would be gone and she would have to do all the work herself and kepp dad from blowing his top every 6 seconds.
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