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Wednesday, April 17th, 2002

Today was horrible. I mean it was a good thing that happened but I bawled for 2 hours straight. My eyes hurt right now so badly, that I think I just had a bad allergic reaction from something, due to the crying of course.

Today, was the presentation of every fifteen minutes. Every fifteen minutes a person dies in an alcoholic related accident. Two years ago at my high school a girl named Flower was killed when she was struck by a drunken driver while walking home on a shoulder of a non busy road in Pasco.

We got into the auditorium and they are where wooden cemetery plots that I helped paint last year. I got to see the whole presentation last year also.
I t started out okay. The part that made me sad was the part where they showed a small boy’s funeral because a drunk driver hit him. His sister also talked, she could barely talk her body was living proof of the accident. A 48-year-old lady was driving the wrong way on a highway and had a .20 alcohol level.
This made me sad because the funeral they showed made me cried because I have lost two people this year and had to go through funerals. In addition, to all that crap. I have never cried at a funeral until my grandmas funeral 3 Mo.’s ago. I was sitting by my other grandma, she started crying, and I have never seen her cry and that made me upset.

I bawled and felt weird because not a lot of people have seen my cry. I am always so happy and trying to make people laugh. I am not a class clown but I love laughing and laugh all the time... to cry in front of my friends was horrible.

Coretta sat next to me and comforted me. It was cute because tana and Caleb where holding hands and they never show PDA, (public showing of affection).

They come into your classroom, the grim reaper comes and hits his long sword on the ground three times and says Paul F., and then you have to go.... They go to your parent’s house and tell them that you were killed in an accident-related accident. The coroner comes and all that stuff.

Three people yesterday in my sixth hour class were killed... well not really but it has supposed to show us not to drink and drive.

So, please everyone I dont want to loose any friends.
So many people are killed each and every year since they introduced automobiles, why don't people just call a cab or the police to pick them up and take them home. I know that in our area the cops will pick you up and take you home and make sure you get inside. That's a really good program that every single city and town should obtain.

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