R (ethniu) wrote in girlsclub,

Asking for assistance

I'm posting here because I have nowhere else to turn. I'm currently 5-6 weeks pregnant and am looking to have an abortion. After contacting all the abortion centers within a 250 mile radius, the lowest price I could find was 658$. I"m currently a graduate student at a university and barely make enough to cover my rent. Thus finances being what they are, I contacted nnaf.org and every fund they had listed for my state. So far I've either been denied assistance due to low funds, or I've not received an answer from my various attempts to contact them. The midwives I've contacted in the area are all unwilling to help terminate a pregnancy at home and my own attempts using vitamin C and Dong Quai have been unsuccesful in initiating a miscarriage. In order to raise money, I"m trying to sell the only items of value that I own ( my violin and digital camera), but even if I sell them both, it'll still be 250$ or less. I"m 22 so parental permission is not a problem, but asking them for assistance is out of the question. My father is a baptist minister, and my mother is of the same mind. I've requested help from all of my friends with whom this subject is safe to discuss and one friend has told me that he probably can lend me a hundred dollars in a week or so. Thus having thoroughly examined my options, my funding resources and my timeframe, I"m going to appeal to people who support abortion as an option to help me through this. And no, I don't enjoy asking strangers for help, but at this point, I"m willing to try. I"m sure I"m probably going to get some flak for asking for help at all, but please, I'm just trying. If you don't want to help, that's fine. Just please try not to attack me, I don't think I could handle much of that right now. If you want to confirm my identity and my situation I"ll be happy to return emails or calls (email and I"ll send you my phone number). If you want to donate, I've set up a paypal account using the email ethniu82 @ hotmail.com. Any donation would be appreciated, even just a few dollars. Once I've reached the amount I need, I"ll freeze the account and return all other donations. I'll also attempt to pay back what's been given over time, but it might take a while to cover everything. Please help. This will be cross posted in as many communities as I think would be open to the idea. And if anyone wants to link to my journal go ahead.
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